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What I appreciate about my Dad….

By June 12, 2012 Uncategorized


He not only says he loves me, he shows it with his actions.  He loves my kids.  He is sincere.  He is kind.  He is generous.  He genuinely cares about people.  He is a great thinker.  He can fix anything, even chocolate making equipment that wasn’t engineered properly by the “professional” manufacturer.  He has taught me how to learn to figure things out for myself.  He is hilarious!  He is honest.  He is still an awesome water skier!  He considers others before himself.  He loves God by loving people.

Even if he wasn’t all these things, I would love him anyway because he is my Dad and because he has been present in my life.  Thanks Dad, for all of the above and for being a father who has always been interested in me.  Some sweet stuff is coming your way on Sunday!


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