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A Tribute to Mothers

By May 2, 2011Uncategorized

Mother’s Day is now officially less than a week away.  In the midst of preparing gifts that will make your mom, grandmother or other mother figure in your life feel special and appreciated, I find myself thinking about my own mother.


Mothers and grandmothers, aunts and mothers-in-law are infinitely influential in our lives.  From my mom, I learned how to care for other people.  The creativity involved in preparing Stella Leona chocolates comes in part from my mom who has spent many hours of her life painting and creating quilts.

Freida quilting

My mom put up with me when was a difficult kid and loves me in spite of my faults, and believe me, she KNOWS what they are. Thanks Mom!!! I love you!

I was also forever changed by the investment my grandmother, Leona and her sister, my great aunt Estella made in my life.  I learned from them the joy that exceptional food can bring to people we love.  I saw living examples of what it means to work hard and invest in the lives of other people.

SL young

This Mother’s Day, take a few moments to express appreciation to your mom for the way she has loved you.  If you are missing your mom this Mother’s Day, remember what you love most about her and find a way to pay it forward to someone, anyone else you think needs to experience what you felt from your mom. 

Of course, if a chocolate expression of your appreciation is in order, stop by our shop in Pettisville or our web site.  Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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