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Taste Bud Development 101

By February 1, 2019Life

here are some things in life that are pure pleasure. Becoming a grandparent is one of them! Introducing a grandchild to some of your favorite things is another, and I recently had the pleasure of giving my almost one-year-old granddaughter her first taste of chocolate–one of my most favorite things!

I love being visited by grand kids in the chocolate shop! I choose to believe they come because I am a fun grandma and they are excited to see me. The fact that they know they get a piece of chocolate each time they come is probably a little closer to the true reason behind their excitement. But I digress. Little Jovie recently came for her first visit to the chocolate shop since the advent of teeth in her mouth and real food on her menu. I could hardly contain myself when I realized the opportunity that lay before me!

I picked out a piece for her to taste–our Orange Milk Chocolate Hand Painted piece. I put it in her chubby little hand and encouraged her to take a bite. The chocolate mixed with drool running down her chin indicates how much she liked it and how proud she made her grandma. In my former life, I was a preschool teacher. And after raising 5 children within 7 years of each other, I practically lived in a “preschool” for a while. Our home was all aflutter with childhood development! So I learned a thing or two, and as a grandma, I think part of my job is to train up all the little taste buds! Take time to pass what you love on to the next generation of those you love. Love people. Give chocolate.


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