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Chocolate: Good for Your Brain

By March 28, 2018Chocoate

Chocolate Affects Cognitive Performance and Age-Related Memory Impairment

Memory decline in old age among healthy adults can be effectively reversed by cocoa flavanols, according to “Enhancing dentate gyrus function with dietary flavanols improves cognition in older adults,” a paper published in an issue of the journal, Nature Neuroscience. Different from the devastating disease process associated with Alzheimer’s, normal memory decline typically starts to become obvious among people in their fifties. The good news is that flavanols extracted from cocoa beans can reverse this age-related degeneration in memory.

Similarly, new research supports the positive impact of consuming cocoa flavanols on brain health. The paper, “Enhancing Human Cognition with Cocoa Flavonoids,” which appeared in a 2017 issue of the journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, laid out the benefits of heavy and long-term cocoa flavanol intake on cognitive performance. Among the aspects that were improved include working memory, attention span, mental processing speed, and verbal fluency.

Chocolate Benefits Attention Span and Mental Stimulation

Chocolate can act as a quick and powerful stimulant, making it perfect for snacking to zap you into awareness in the middle of a workday slump. This is one of the key findings detailed in “The Acute Electrocortical and Blood Pressure Effects of Chocolate,” a paper published in an issue of the journal, Neuro Regulation. The regular sugary and milky chocolate bar, however, won’t have this effect. It has to be good-quality chocolate that contains high amounts of cacao. In the study, a 60-percent cacao treat was used.

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